Blake back to best in the Bahamas

Jamaica win the 4x100 title after setting a new 4x200 world record at the World Relay Championships in Nassau.

    Blake brought his countrymen home in 37.77 seconds to top Trinidad and Tobago in the final [AFP]
    Blake brought his countrymen home in 37.77 seconds to top Trinidad and Tobago in the final [AFP]

    Olympic silver medallist Yohan Blake made it a perfect trip to the inaugural IAAF World Relays as he anchored Jamaica to a triumphant run in the 4x100 metres relay.

    A night after leading a Jamaican team to a world record in the 4x200 relay, Blake brought his countrymen home in 37.77 seconds to top Trinidad and Tobago in the final race of the two-day programme.

    After our world and Olympic gold, we wanted to confirm our number one position.

    Yohan Blake, Jamaica relay team

    The Jamaicans were missing world record holder Usain Bolt, who has yet to run this year, and key relay member Michael Frater, but veterans Nesta Carter and Nickel Ashmeade and young Julian Forte had Blake in position for another winning romp.

    "After our world and Olympic gold (in the 4x100), we wanted to confirm our number one position," said Blake, who missed the world championships and much of last season with a hamstring injury.

    "It feels great getting into championship mode ... I am back on track."

    Trinidad and Tobago were a well-beaten second in 38.04 seconds with Britain third in 38.19 seconds.

    Disaster struck for the US team who were disqualified after a poor exchange in the rounds.

    Kenya set record

    Kenya's men delivered the day's only world record, shattering the global mark in the infrequently run 4x1500 relay.

    With double world champion Asbel Kiprop on anchor, the men clocked 14:22.22 to erase a previous Kenyan team's 2009 record of 14:36.23.

    Collins Cheboi, Silas Kiplagat and James Magut gave Kenya a comfortable lead and Kiprop anchored the final 1,500 metres to earn the Africans $100,000, including $50,000 for the win and another $50,000 for the record.

    The Kenyan women were just as convincing in taking down the women's world record in the event.

    The US women had a perfect day, grabbing all three of the relays they contested.

    Strong performances by Sanya Richards-Ross and Natasha Hastings helped power the Americans to victory in the 4x400 in 3:21.73 ahead of second-placed Jamaica.

    The American women also collected wins in the 4x800 (8:01.58) and 4x200 (1:29.45), topping Kenya in the longer relay and Britain in the sprint.

    Jamaica could only finish third in the 4x200 even with Olympic and world champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce on anchor.

    The Americans also won the men's 4x400 metres relay with world champion LaShawn Merritt grabbing the lead in the final 20 metres as the US edged host Bahamas in 2:57.25.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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