Lagat 'still got it' at world champs

Bernard Lagat unleashes his devastating kick to claim the 3,000 meters title at the USA Indoor World Championships.

    Lagat was impressive considering Albuquerque's thin air, which hinders distance runners [Getty Images]
    Lagat was impressive considering Albuquerque's thin air, which hinders distance runners [Getty Images]

    Bernard Lagat turned on his blistering kick and overwhelmed fellow Olympian Galen Rupp in their 3,000 metres duel at the U.S. indoor world championships trials.

    The 39-year-old Lagat, three times a world indoor champion, surged past Rupp with about a lap to go to claim the win in seven minutes, 46.01 seconds at high altitude in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    "He's still got it," said Olympic 10,000 metres silver medallist Rupp, who ran 7:48.19 to join the Kenyan-born Lagat on the American team for the March 7-9 IAAF world indoor championships in Sopot, Poland.

    "The race started quite fast," said Lagat, winner of the past two world indoor 3,000 metres titles.

    "I was waiting for the moment when Galen was in the top, so that I could keep an eye on all of them.

    "All I had to do was watch how they are running and be composed, not to make any mistakes, and to just go (when) I felt comfortable. At 200 metres to go, and that's what I did."

    Lagat said he hoped the same strategy would work in the world championships.

    "If I run smart and I keep an eye on the guys that are tough - the few Ethiopians I have been watching and the Kenyans - I think I will be safe.

    "I'm going to use that strategy I used tonight to make sure that I get the gold medal in Poland."

    Grunewald is disqualified

    The time was impressive considering Albuquerque's thin air, which hinders distance runners and aids sprinters and jumpers.

    Andrew Bumbalough forced the pace early with Rupp and Lagat hanging back but within striking distance.

    Rupp finally took the lead with less than three laps to go before Lagat turned to his closing kick for the triumph as both he and Rupp dodged lapped runners down the final straight.

    Cancer survivor Gabriele Grunewald thought she had won her first U.S. title in the women's 3,000, but after several protests, Grunewald was disqualified for clipping and impeding the stride of Jordan Hasay late in the race, USA Track and Field officials said.

    Olympian Shannon Rowbury, originally the runner-up, was given the victory in 9:25.49, with Sara Vaughn moving up to second in 9:26.46.

    The top two finishers in the trials qualify for the world championships provided they have met the IAAF qualifying standards.

    Many top American athletes skipped the meeting, taking a break from championship competition because there is no outdoor world championship or Olympics this year.



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