Fraser-Pryce crowned world 100m track queen

Jamaica and US track domination continues, as Fraser-Pryce wins in 10.71 seconds and Oliver takes out 110m hurdles.

    Fraser-Pryce crowned world 100m track queen
    Oliver won the 110 hurdles in 13.00 seconds, the fastest time of the season [AFP]

    The US-Jamaican sprint rivalry is turning into a rout at the world championships.

    Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce rubbed it in on Monday with a winning margin of Bolt-esque proportions in the women's 100m.

    Her hot-pink colored hair slashing in the air behind her, Fraser-Pryce flashed to an early lead and kept on building it before crossing in a world leading 10.71 seconds.

    She had time to clench her fist as she crossed the line with silver medalist Murielle Ahoure of the Ivory Coast crossed a massive .22 behind.

    The first American, defending champion Carmelita Jeter of the US, took bronze in 10.94.

    Like Usain Bolt, she now has two Olympic and two world titles in the 100. And in Moscow she gave Jamaica a 2-0 lead over the Americans in the sprint duel, showing the Caribbean island produces the fastest runners on the planet.

    The US got its part of the glory, too, when David Oliver led a 1-2 finish in the 110 hurdles.

    Oliver, who missed last year's Olympics after a wretched time with injury, had been the form athlete all year and ran impressively throughout the competition in Moscow.

    US leads medals table

    He led early in the final and maintained his form to take an emotional victory in 13.00 seconds, the fastest time of the season.

    American dreams of a clean sweep came up just short as veteran Ryan Wilson took silver in 13.13 but a last hurdle stumble by defending champion Jason Richardson allowed Russia's Sergey Shubenkov to snatch bronze in 13.24.

    Olympic champion and world record holder Aries Merritt ran a ragged race and could finish only sixth.

    "You know how hard it is to win a title, it's my first one and after a couple of years with some injuries it feels good," said the 31-year-old Oliver, who came to Moscow as the world leader with 13.04 seconds.

    "After the disappointment of not making the Olympics I had to re-set. I had to change my training, my weight rules - I knew that this was the year and if it didn't happen this year it was going to be very tough," he added.

    "I feel as if I've been running consistently all year - maybe not the 12s of a few years ago but 13-flat was enough to win the gold tonight."

    With Merritt struggling early in the season nobody had gone under the 13-second mark and the openness of the event seemed to be underlined by Wilson's unexpected victory in the US trials.

    At the end of Day 3 at the championships, the US leads the medals table with three gold and six overall.

    Germany is second with four medals overall after Raphael Holzdeppe upset Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie of France on a countback to win the pole vault.



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