Tamgho will not go to World Championships

Triple jump champion Teddy Tamgho pulls out of next month's World Championships after suffering ankle injury in warm-up.

    Tamgho set a new world record in March at the 2011 European Athletics Indoor Championships [GALLO/GETTY] 

    World indoor triple jump champion Teddy Tamgho of France has withdrawn from next month's World Championships with a fractured ankle joint.

    The 22-year-old Tamgho, whose personal best of 17.98 metres is the third longest jump in the event's history, sustained the injury on Saturday during a warm-up at the under-23 European championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

    "In our sport, we push our bodies to the limit every single day," Tamgho said on Tuesday, putting the injury into perspective.

    "When we train, there is a 50 percent chance that we will get injured.

    "If it had happened on July 18, 2012, then I would be in tears, but right now I still have plenty of time", he continued, turning his focus towards next year's London Olympics.

    Tamgho would have been among the medal contenders for the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, having set the season's lead jump of 17.91m in Lausanne last month.

    "If it had happened on July 18, 2012, then I would be in tears, but right now I still have plenty of time"

    Teddy Tamgho

    News of the injury is a major blow to French hopes of success in South Korea, and the French Athletics Federation's National Technical Director Ghani Yalouz admitted that care will have to be taken to make sure that Tamgho returns with a chance of winning a medal in London.

    "I am sorry for him. In athletics nothing can be left to chance because an injury can happen all of a sudden," said Yalouz.

    "We must take this as an indication that we need to be very careful that he doesn't suffer the same problem before the Olympics in London.

    "Clearly, we have lost one of our major medal hopes for the worlds."

    Tamgho was taking part in the junior meet in Ostrava to get in some valuable outdoor competition time before being scheduled to appear in Friday's Diamond League meeting in Monaco and the worlds.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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