Raptors end Nets' five-game winning streak

The Toronto Raptors over came the Brooklyn Nets 96-80 at the Air Canada Centre in pulsating round of matches in the NBA.

    John Wall of the Washington Wizards shoots against the Houston Rockets at the Verizon Center [AFP]
    John Wall of the Washington Wizards shoots against the Houston Rockets at the Verizon Center [AFP]

    DeMar DeRozan scored 26 points and grabbed seven rebounds and the Toronto Raptors snapped the Brooklyn Nets' five game winning streak with a 96-80 victory.

    Terrence Ross added 14 points and Patrick Patterson also had 14 points while grabbing 12 rebounds after coming off the bench for the Raptors (18-17).

    Houston guard James Harden scored eight straight points in the final minutes as the Houston Rockets held off a furious Washington Wizards comeback to secure a 114-107 win.

    The Wizards trailed by 25 points early in the third quarter and were down 94-79 after three quarters.

    Harden finished with 25 points and centre Dwight Howard had 23, while John Wall paced the Wizards with 23 points and 10 assists.

    The New York Knicks won their fourth consecutive game, this time a resounding 102-92 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Amare Stoudemire knocked down his first eight shots and paced the Knicks (14-22) with 21 points on eight-for-10 shooting while Carmelo Anthony added 18 points.

    Meanwhile, the Sixers' slide continued as they dropped their fourth consecutive game and fell to 12-25.

    The Detroit Pistons held off the Phoenix Suns 110-108 with Josh Smith contributing 25 points, including the winning layup with 1.2 seconds left.

    Greg Monroe supplied 20 points and 11 rebounds for the Pistons, who gave away an 18-point lead in the second half but still snapped a five-game home losing streak.

    Brandon Jennings finished with 18 assists, one shy of his career high.

    D.J. Augustin piled up 20 points and 12 assists against his former team as the Chicago Bulls pulled away in the fourth quarter for a 103-97 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats.

    Joakim Noah added 19 points and 14 rebounds and Mike Dunleavy scored 17 points for Chicago (17-18).

    The Bulls won their fifth straight game while Charlotte (15-23) have dropped eight of their last nine.

    Kevin Durant scored 33 points to lead the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 101-85 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.

    Durant shot only eight-for-18 from the field but was 15-of-17 from the free throw line to go along with 10 rebounds and seven assists.

    Thunder forward Serge Ibaka added 17 points, 17 rebounds and three blocked shots.

    The Dallas Mavericks overcame the New Orelans Pelicans 110-107 with  Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki scoring 20 of a season-high 40 points in the third quarter.

    It was the second consecutive victory for the Mavericks (22-16) against the Pelicans (15-21), who suffered their fifth consecutive defeat.

    The Denver Nuggets routed the Orlando Magic 120-94 with guards Randy Foye and Evan Fournier scoring 18 points each.

    Forward Quincy Miller, starting in place of injured forward Wilson Chandler, had career highs in points (16) and rebounds (11).

    Forward Tobias Harris had 22 points and nine rebounds and centre Glen Davis scored 20 points for the Magic (10-27), who have lost seven straight.

    The Portland Trail Blazers came from behind to claim a 112-104 victory over the Boston Celtics.

    Aldridge's 21 points led six players in double figures for the Trail Blazers (28-9), including guard Wesley Matthews with 18 points and forward Nicolas Batum with 16.

    Guard Avery Bradley tallied 25 points for the Celtics (13-25), who lost their eighth straight game.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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