Maple Leafs overcome Sabres in shootout

Tyler Bozak scored the decisive goal in a shootout as Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 in the NHL.

    Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul avoids a tackle from Buffalo Sabres defenseman Brayden McNabb [AFP]
    Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul avoids a tackle from Buffalo Sabres defenseman Brayden McNabb [AFP]

    Phil Kessel Nikolai Kulemin and defenseman Morgan Rielly scored for the Maple Leafs in regulation, while Cody Hodgson and left wingers Matt Ellis and Matt Moulson responded for the Sabres as they went down 4-3 to the Canadians.

    James Reimer, who started in the Toronto (24-20-5) goal for only the second time this month, stopped 27 shots in regulation and overtime.

    Buffalo (13-27-6) goaltender Ryan Miller made 36 saves.

    All three Maple Leafs shooters, left wingers James van Riemsdyk and Joffrey Lupul as well as Bozak, scored in the shootout.

    Moulson scored on the first Sabres attempt in the shootout but Reimer stopped Hodgson's effort before Bozak netted to seal the contest.

    Thirteenth consecutive victory

    Elsewhere, Rookie defenseman Olli Maatta helped the Pittsburgh Penguins make some history when his goal with 1:54 remaining lifted them to a 4-3 victory over the Washington Capitals.

    The triumph was the Penguins' 13th consecutive victory at Consol Energy Centre, breaking the club record for most home wins in a row.

    They had a 12-game streak last season from 22nd February to 30th March.

    Maatta also had an assist for Pittsburgh (34-12-2).

    Defenseman Kris Letang, Taylor Pyatt and Jussi Jokinen also scored for the Penguins, who have won five of their last six games overall.

    Capitals right winger Alex Ovechkin scored his NHL-leading 34th goal while center Brooks Laich and left winger Jason Chimera also added goals.

    Washington (22-17-8) lost for the seventh time in the last nine games.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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