Perry's double seals Ducks' hat-trick of wins

Corey Perry scores in sixth game running as New York Islanders lose 5-2 to record their 10th in a row.

    Anaheim's Corey Perry, left, and Saku Koivu celebrate the 5-2 victory against the New York Islanders [Reuters]
    Anaheim's Corey Perry, left, and Saku Koivu celebrate the 5-2 victory against the New York Islanders [Reuters]

    Corey Perry has scored in his sixth straight game and captain Ryan Getzlaf extended his point streak to 12 games as the Anaheim Ducks beat the spiralling New York Islanders 5-2.

    Perry scored a goal late in the second period and added a power-play goal in the third as the Ducks romped to their third consecutive win on Monday and confine the Islanders to their 10th straight loss since November 1.

    "You have to give a lot of credit to everybody around me," said Perry, who scored one goal from his knees.

    "(Winnik) shot it to me, and I knew it was only a few seconds that I had to make a move.

    "The guy tripped me as I was falling to my knees, and I shot it. It found a way to squeak in, I guess. I'm just happy it went in."

    Cam Fowler had his first career short-handed goal and Saku Koivu scored his first goal in nearly two months as the Ducks improved to 11-0-2 at home.

    Pittsburgh down Columbus

    Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Penguin's Evgeni Malkin scored on his return from injury and Sidney Crosby added his 16th goal to beat Columbus Blue Jackets 2-1.

    Malkin, who missed two games last week after being injured during a morning skate, got his eighth goal of the season and extended his point streak to 10 games.

    Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 32 shots for the Penguins, who won their sixth straight home game.

    Ottawa's Jason Spezza scored the winning goal in the shootout to help the Senators beat the Philadelphia Flyers 5-4.

    This was the Senators' first shootout win of the season, after losing their first four in the tiebreaker, and also helped ended a five-game skid at home.

    Vancouver's Eddie Lack made 31 saves in his first NHL shutout as the Canucks beat the Carolina Hurricanes 2-0.

    Starting goalie Roberto Luongo got a night off as the rookie Lack earned his fourth win of the season in his first appearance on home ice.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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