Miami Heat burn Blazers with last-gasp basket

Chris Bosh scores three-pointer in the last second of the game, as Miami beat Portland without their star LeBron James.

    Miami's Chris Bosh stepped up to score 37 points and grab 10 rebounds against Portland Trail Blazers [Reuters]
    Miami's Chris Bosh stepped up to score 37 points and grab 10 rebounds against Portland Trail Blazers [Reuters]

    A three-pointer with half a second left in the game has lifted the reigning NBA champion Miami Heat to a 108-107 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

    Chris Bosh scored 37 points, including the last-gasp three-pointer for the winning basket, and grabbed 10 rebounds on Saturday.

    The Heat were playing without superstar playmaker LeBron James, the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player, who was benched for the night by coach Erik Spoelstra owing to a nagging right groin and left ankle injuries.

    James had not missed a previous game of the season but Bosh stepped up to the challenge of his absence, hitting 15-of-26 shots and going 3-for-3 from 3-point range, making them all from beyond the arc in the last 4:05.

    The only other game this year in which Bosh netted more than 30 points was last February at Miami, also against the Trail Blazers.

    A showdown of two of the NBA's winningest teams came down to the last seconds after Bosh sank a 3-pointer to give the Heat a 101-98 edge and followed two LaMarcus Aldridge free throws with a layup for a 103-100 Miami edge.

    Dallas down Bulls

    Aldridge followed with a layup and Portland reclaimed the lead after Miami guard Dwyane Wade fouled Nicolas Batum as he attempted a 3-pointer and the French forward sank all three free throws.

    After Wade pulled Miami level with a dunk, it was Ray Allen who was whistled for a foul on Batum, who put the Trail Blazers ahead 107-105 on two free throws with seven seconds remaining, setting the stage for Bosh's decisive three-pointer with less than a second to play.

    Aldridge missed a desperation tip-in attempt at the final buzzer.

    Wade added 16 points and seven assists for Miami, 23-7, while Michael Beasley added 12 points and Norris Cole came off the bench to score 11. Mario Chalmers had nine points, nine rebounds and nine assists for the Heat.

    Wesley Matthews led Portland, 24-6, with 23 points while Aldridge contributed 22 points and seven rebounds. Robin Lopez had 17 points while

    Damian Lillard added 16 and Batum finished with 11 points, nine assists, six rebounds and three blocked shots.

    In Chicago, Dallas guard Monta Ellis scored 22 points as the Mavericks built a big lead and held on for victory over the Bulls.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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