LA Lakers sign Bryant for two more years

All-Star guard Kobe Bryant ends speculation that he could end up with another team after this season.

     [Getty Images]
    [Getty Images]

    The Los Angeles Lakers have signed All-Star guard Kobe Bryant to a two-year contract extension.

    General manager Mitch Kupchak made the anticipated announcement Monday, ending speculation that Bryant might have left the team another one after this season.

    "This is a very happy day for Lakers fans and for the Lakers organisation,'' Kupchak said in a written statement.

    "We've said all along that our priority and hope was to have Kobe finish his career as a Laker, and this should ensure that that happens.''

    Terms of the deal were not released.


    The fourth-leading scorer in NBA history has not played this season as he recovers from surgery on his torn Achilles tendon in April.

    He returned to practice earlier this month but isn't sure when he'll be back in uniform.

    He said last week that he could adjust his game and contribute something to the Lakers right now, but he wants to make sure he's ready to play for the long haul when he returns for his 18th NBA season.

    Coach Mike D'Antoni has said Bryant will return whenever he says he's ready.

    During his recovery, Bryant has spent plenty of time with Steve Nash, the 39-year-old point guard currently sidelined with the latest in a series of injuries.

    Nash has been out with nerve root irritation, a back problem stemming from a broken leg last season.

    Bryant and Nash intend to be back in the Lakers' lineup together soon.



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