Canucks take two game advantage

Alex Burrows had a part in all three goals as the Canucks took a 2-0 series lead with a 3-2 win in Stanley Cup finals.

    Burrows, centre, scored a pair of goals, including the game-winning shot only 11 seconds into overtime, and assisted on Vancouver's third goal [GALLO/GETTY]

    Vancouver's Canucks strode confidently towards their first Stanley Cup title with a 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins on Saturday in Vancouver.

    Alexandre Burrows struck 11 seconds into overtime to seal the win for the Canadians moving them into a 2-0 series lead as the best-of-seven NHL final series now shifts to Boston for games three and four.

    Burrows struck gold with the second-earliest overtime goal in NHL playoff history as a jubilant home crowd went crazy.

    Right after the opening faceoff of overtime, Burrows received a pass from Daniel Sedin and streaked down the side, eluding Boston captain Zdeno Chara behind the net. He extended his stick for a wraparound shot, beating out-of-position Boston goalie Tim Thomas for his second goal of the game.

    "As soon as I got the puck, I knew I was going to fake a shot and then try to beat him,'' Burrows said.

    "I lost the puck in front of Tim Thomas, but I got it back, and I got it in.''

    In charge

    No Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since Montreal in 1993 while the Bruins have not taken the trophy since 1972.

    Burrows became the centre of controversy in game one when Boston's Patrice Bergeron shoved his glove into the Canucks playmaker's face and stuck a finger into his mouth.

    The Bruins called for Burrows to be suspended but NHL officials reviewed video of the incident and ruled there was no evidence the bite was intentional so there was no suspension for the 30-year-old Canadian winger.

    Burrows scored in the first period and delivered the knockout blow in overtime.

    Burrows charged toward Boston goalkeeper Tim Thomas, who moved to his right to challenge Burrows away from the goal. Burrows skated around a sprawled Thomas, skated around behind the goal and flipped the puck into the empty goal.


    Burrows netted a power-play goal 12:12 into the game to put the Canucks ahead 1-0.

    Boston's Milan Lucic netted the equaliser 9:00 into the second period and Mark Recchi put the Bruins ahead 2-1 with a power-play goal just 2:35 later.

    "We lost the game ourselves," Boston forward David Krejci said.

    "Obviously they played well, but we had the game in our hands and we just gave it away."

    But Sweden's Daniel Sedin pulled the Canucks even with 10:23 to play in the third period off a pass from Burrows from in front of the goal, setting the stage for Burrows' over-time game winner.

    The Canucks were unhappy at having squandered their lead by surrendering two goals in the second period.

    "We've got to be more aggressive," Daniel Sedin said.

    "When we took the lead we sat back and didn't create a whole lot of chances. We became more
    aggressive in the third period."

    Thomas made 30 saves while Vancouver netminder Roberto Luongo stopped 28 shots.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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