Quarterback Manning breaks NFL record

Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning breaks touchdown passing record in his side's 42-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

    It took Manning 246 games to break the record [Getty Images]
    It took Manning 246 games to break the record [Getty Images]

    Denver quarterback Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre's National Football League record for career touchdown passes when he threw his 509th scoring pass during the second quarter of the Broncos' game against the San Francisco 49ers.

    Manning's eight-yard pass was caught in the end zone by wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to eclipse the record of 508 regular season touchdowns Brett Favre set in 2010 while playing for the Minnesota Vikings.

    Manning acknowledged rapturous applause from the home crowd, who rose as one to salute the 38-year-old as teammates briefly played keepaway to keep the record football from Manning before finally handing the ball to the future Hall of Famer.

    Favre needed 302 games to set the previous record, while Manning broke the mark in 246 - 208 with the Indianapolis Colts and 38 with Denver.

    Manning added a 510th touchdown before leaving the game early as the Broncos demolished the 49ers 42-17.


    BALTIMORE 29 Atlanta 7 

    BUFFALO 17 Minnesota 16

    Miami 27 CHICAGO 14

    DETROIT 24 New Orleans 23

    GREEN BAY 38 Carolina 17

    INDIANAPOLIS 27 Cincinnati 0

    JACKSONVILLE 24 Cleveland 6

    ST. LOUIS 28 Seattle 26

    WASHINGTON 19 Tennessee 17

    Kansas City 23 SAN DIEGO 20

    DALLAS 31 NY Giants 21

    Arizona 24 OAKLAND 13

    DENVER 42 San Francisco 17


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