Unbeatable Black Caviar extends amazing run

It is 24 races unbeaten for the Australian mare Black Caviar as wonder horse proves even injury can't defeat her.

    Unbeatable Black Caviar extends amazing run
    Trainer Peter Moody with apple of his eye Black Caviar - who is considered the best sprinter in the world [GETTY]

    Australian mare Black Caviar won the 24th consecutive race of her career in taking out the 1,200-meter William Reid Stakes by four lengths at Moonee Valley on Friday.

    It was the 6-year-old star sprinter's 14th Group One win.

    Black Caviar last raced on February16 after an eight-month break. She narrowly won the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot, England on June 23 but faced possible retirement after tearing a quadriceps muscle at Ascot.

    She underwent laser therapy and exercise in a water walker - the equine version of water aerobics - to return for another season.

    "You just run out of words. As a headline for our sport she's second to none"

    Trainer Peter Moody

    There have been persistent reports that trainer Peter Moody will soon retire Black Caviar, although she is likely to race in April at Sydney's Randwick. On Friday, Moody said 'never say never' when asked if Black Caviar might race another season.

    "She's going super. It's scary how well she's going," he said.

    "You just run out of words. As a headline for our sport she's second to none."

    Jockey Luke Nolen, who has ridden Black Caviar for all but two wins of her career, said the horse never felt threatened.

    "She felt amazing to me, travelled well in the run, flowed into the race on her own accord. And she took care of the rest," Nolen said.

    "It's been a privilege to be part of such a great racing story."

    Black Caviar started at prohibitive odds again, with two gamblers placing bets of $200,000 and $100,000 at $1.05.

    The mare has defeated 35 individual Group One-winning rivals for a total prize money of $7.4 million.



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