Valencia strengthen their place in third

With Villarreal hot on their heels Valencia win a crucial match against Real Sociedad in the Spanish Primera Division

    Getafe's Ghanaian midfielder Derek Boateng challenges for the ball in Getafe's third win of the season [EPA]

    Valencia boosted their ambitions of a third-place finish in the Spanish Primera Division with a convincing 3-0 win over Real Sociedad on Sunday.

    After back-to-back defeats, Valencia needed a victory with Villarreal, who play Mallorca on Sunday, breathing down their necks.

    Headering home

    Despite playing a Sociedad side buoyed by a victory over Barcelona last weekend, Valencia looked capable of opening up the visitors' defence from the second minute when Joaquin Sanchez volleyed over from close range.

    A Juan Mata run into the box went unnoticed by the Sociedad defence and after being found by Jeremy Mathieu, he crossed for Roberto Soldado to sweep the ball home.

    Jonas Goncalves and Soldado again both headed home crosses before the break to give Valencia a commanding win.

    Unai Emery's side climbed to 66 points with three matches left to play, six ahead of fourth-placed Villarreal. 

    Adios Almeria

    Goals at the beginning of either half by Adrian Colunga and Pedro Rios for Getafe brought to an end Almeria's survival dream in a 2-0 win.

    Results and fixtures

    Saturday May 7

     Athletic Bilbao 3-2 Levante 
     Getafe 2-0 Almeria
     Hercules 2-3 Santander
     Gijon 2-2 Deportivo 
     Valencia 3-0 Sociedad Atletico Madrid 3-2 Malaga
     Sevilla 2-6 Real Madrid

    Sunday May 8

     Mallorca v Villarreal
     Barcelona v Espanyol
     Real Zaragoza v Osasuna

    It was only Getafe's third win this year and took them out of the relegation zone.

    Hercules' future is also looking bleak as they are now six points from safety following a 3-2 defeat at home by Racing Santander.

    Giovani dos Santos twice put Racing ahead but Hercules battled back through Sendoa Aguirre and Tiago Gomes.

    Then, in first-half stoppage time, Henrique Buss restored Racing's advantage to give them all three points.

    Athletic Bilbao moved up to fifth in the table with a 3-2 win over Levante. The Basque side built up a commanding lead through Gaizka Toquero, David Lopez, with a penalty, and Fernando Llorente, before Levante battled back with goals from Christian Stuani and Nano Rivas.

    Two penalties earned Sporting Gijon a 2-2 draw against Deportivo La Coruna. Twice Deportivo went ahead through goals by Adrian Lopez, but spot-kicks from Ayoze Garcia and David Barral gave the home side a share of the points.


    Real Madrid kept their slim title hopes alive by thrashing Sevilla 6-2. Ronaldo scored four in the match that sees Mourinho's Real Madrid return to form following recent defeats to Barcelona and Real Zaragoza. 

    Barcelona remain five points ahead of rivals Real Madrid with only four games left to play.


    SOURCE: Agencies


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