Ancelotti plans to reunite Torres and Drogba

Chelsea are ready to give the partnership another go ahead of a crucial match with Tottenham Hotspurs on Saturday

    Could Ancelloti and Torres end up unlikely winners of the Premier League this season? [GALLO/GETTY] 

    Chelsea will be aiming to keep the pressure on Manchester United with a victory over their London rivals Tottenham on Saturday.

    Still six points clear at the top, it would take a serious stumble from Sir Alex Ferguson’s men to prevent the Premier League trophy heading to Old Trafford in May.

    However, if Man United were to falter, Chelsea could find themselves in the unlikely position of being able to retain the title. 

    Arsenal’s threat has diminished in recent weeks with Wenger’s team languishing three points behind Chelsea and nine behind Man United. The London club have had a terrible run of form of late with two wins in their last eight Premier League fixtures.

    Take two  

    Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti believes the best way to keep pushing for the title is to revive the striking partnership between Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres.

    The Blues manager had abandoned his efforts to link £50 million record signing Torres with Drogba after Chelsea were eliminated from the Champions League by Manchester United.

    But after Torres finally broke his 732-minute goal-drought for his new club after appearing as a substitute against West Ham United last weekend, he is contemplating restoring the Spaniard to his starting line-up for Saturday's battle with Tottenham.

    "My philosophy and opinion is when you have very good players you have to try to put them together."

    "We tried this week to play them together ... will not be a surprise if they start together on Saturday."

    Ancelotti's side travel to Old Trafford on May 8th and the manager knows that if Chelsea win the next three games, they will go into the final day at most three points off the pace.

    "We want to keep the Premier League open until the last minute and have the possibility to do this." 

    Time running out for Spurs

    The London derby at Stamford Bridge is also important for Harry Redknapp’s Tottenham side who are still in the hunt for a Champions League place.

    The Tottenham manager has admitted that Manchester City's four-point advantage will be hard to erase between now and the end of the season, especially with an upcoming game against City at Eastlands and Saturday’s match with Chelsea ahead of them. 

    English Fixtures

    Saturday April 30

     Blackburn v Bolton
     Blackpool v Stoke 
     Sunderland v Fulham 
     West Brom v Aston Villa
     Wigan v Everton
     Chelsea v Tottenham

    Sunday May 1

     Arsenal v Man United
     Birmingham v Wolves
     Liverpool v Newcastle
     Man City v West Ham

    Following Tottenham's 2-2 draw at home to West Bromwich Albion last weekend and City's 1-0 win at Blackburn Rovers on Monday the pendulum has swung in favour of Roberto Mancini's newly revived side.

    Despite the setback Redknapp is positive about his team’s future.

    "We just have to keep going and finish as high as we can. If we finish in the top four again it would be fantastic. If not, we try again next season."

    Tottenham's Brazilian midfielder Sandro is hoping to get the better of compatriots David Luiz and Ramires.

    "Chelsea are a good team with lots of quality players".

    "I have friends there but when the match is on, we'll forget about that and give everything to win. I hope it's a great match and we win."

    In another big fixture Arsenal and Man United meet at the Emirates on Sunday. It is a game that if Arsenal were to win could prove very helpful to their rivals Chelsea.


    SOURCE: Agencies


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