Pakistan duo have appeals rejected

Test captain Salman Butt and bowler Mohammad Amir have suspensions upheld over Lords' spot-fixing allegations.

    Butt was told he would have to attend a tribunal to state his case over spot-fixing claims [GALLO/GETTY]

    Pakistan cricketers Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir have had their suspensions upheld in the wake of spot-fixing allegations.

    Their appeals were rejected on Sunday by Michal Beloff, the code of conduct commissioner of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

    The two, along with fast bowler Mohammad Asif, were provisionally suspended by the ICC over allegations they were involved in spot-fixing during Pakistan's summer tour of England.

    All three appealed, but Asif later withdrew his application.

    Beloff announced the decision after a two-day hearing which started early Saturday, saying the players will have to appear before another tribunal to further their cases.

    "It was not up to me to decide whether they committed any crime, the commission will establish their guilt and if they are found guilty then they will be given punishment"

    Michael Beloff, ICC code of conduct commissioner 

    "Salman (Butt) and (Mohammad) Amir had appealed against the  suspension imposed on them by the ICC on September 2 for various breaches of the code of conduct," Beloff told reporters outside the ICC headquarters in Dubai.

    "Having considered every aspect of the case I dismiss their appeals and they remain suspended."

    The two cricketers arrived with their lawyers – Salman with Khalid Ranjha, a former law minister, and Aftab Gul, a former Pakistan player, and Amir with his lawyer Shahid Karim.

    Beloff said all three cricketers, including Asif, will have to  appear before a ICC code of conduct commission which he will announce in due course.

    "The players have denied the charges, but they will remain suspended before a code of conduct commission is formed to hear the case.

    "It was not up to me to decide whether they committed any crime, the commission will establish their guilt and if they are found guilty then they will be given punishment as per the ICC code of conduct."

    The scandal broke after a report by British tabloid The News of the World prompted police to launch an investigation into allegations of spot-fixing during the Lord's Test against England in August.

    Police raided the team's hotel in London and questioned Salman, Amir, Asif and bowler Wahab Riaz, but they have yet to formally level any charges.

    Owing to their suspensions, the trio have been excluded from Pakistan's current tour of the United Arab Emirates, where South Africa are the opposition.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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