Mourinho refuses to rescue Portugal

Real Madrid coach says club would not be happy if he followed his heart and helped Portugal through qualifiers.

    Mouirnho says he won't take temporary charge of Portugla because it would be viewed negatively at Real Madrid [AFP]

    Jose Mourinho has turned down an appeal for help from Portugal's struggling football team – saying his employers at Real Madrid would not be happy if he took temporary charge of his native players.

    Portugal are without a coach after sacking Carlos Queiroz, and have drawn 4-4 at home with Cyprus and lost 1-0 in Norway in their first two qualifiers for Euro 2012.

    The country's football federation, the FPF, appealed to the former Inter Milan, Chelsea and Porto boss to shore up their campaign in the matches at home to Denmark and away to Iceland in October.

    But Mourinho, who has twice won the European Cup with club sides, said he had to let his head rule his heart.

    He told a news conference at Real's training ground on Friday he was unable to accept the offer as he believed his club would not have reacted positively to his absence.

    'Passion for Portugal'

    "For personal pride and passion for Portugal I couldn't say no but I can't say yes either," Mourinho said.

    "My sense is that in the Real Madrid world it would have been interpreted negatively," he added.

    "There would have to be total agreement and I don't think that's going to happen. Real Madrid has every right to make the decision they have.

    "For me the issue is finished."

    Portugal sacked Queiroz – himself a former Real Madrid coach – this month after he was suspended for six months for insulting anti-doping agents before the World Cup.

    They have yet to name a replacement.

    Assistant Agostinho Oliveira had been in charge as interim coach during Queiroz's suspension.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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