Alonso takes pole at Italian GP

Fernando Alonso marks his Ferrari debut at the Italian Grand Prix by taking pole position for Sunday's F1 race at Monza.

    Alonso took Ferrari to their first pole position since November 2008  [AFP]

    Fernando Alonso marked his Ferrari debut at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza by taking pole position for Sunday's race.

    The Spaniard seized Ferrari's first pole position in 31 races on Saturday in his first Italian Grand Prix for Formula One's most successful team.

    Ferrari had not taken pole since November 2008, when Felipe Massa filled the top slot on the grid at his home Brazilian Grand Prix.

    McLaren's world champion Jenson Button will start alongside Alonso on the front row with Massa in third place and Australian Mark Webber fourth for Red Bull.

    McLaren's championship leader Lewis Hamilton will line up on the third row with Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

    Alonso and Button ended Red Bull's run of 17 successive races with at least one driver on the front row and it was only the second time this season that the championship-leading team had not taken pole.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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