Webber wins British Grand Prix

Australian competitor cruises to his third win of the season at Silverstone.

    Webber won the race ahead of McLaren Mercedes' British driver Lewis Hamilton [AFP]

    Webber is now third with 128 after becoming the first driver this season to win three races and Sebastian Vettel, the German competitor, is fourth with 121.

    The run-up to the race had been overshadowed by tension within the Red Bull camp as Webber expressed dissatisfaction at the perceived preferential treatment given by his team to Vettel. The German was given a new, faster front wing on his car in qualifying.

    "Not bad for a No. 2 driver," Webber said over race radio just after he won.

    "I just did the best job I could today and it worked out OK,” he told reporters soon afterwards.

    "It was a good fight with Lewis. The car was faultless all day, it was a sensational result for the team."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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