Smith laments loss to England

South AFrica captain unhappy with let-offs for Pietersen ans Kieswetter in World T20.

    Captain Smith walks away after being dismissed in Barbados [AFP]

    South Africa captain Graeme Smith was left to lament bowling and fielding errors after losing Saturday's World Twenty20 Super Eight game to England.

    England's South African born batsmen Kevin Pietersen and Craig Kieswetter put on 94 in a 10.3 over partnership but both were let off the hook in just the third over.

    Kieswetter was caught at third man but the celebrations of his dismissal were cut short as the umpire was signalling a no ball from Morne Morkel.

    Two balls later, Pietersen flashed a chance between the stationary keeper and first slip, which either could have dived for.

    "I think the first six overs was especially disappointing," Smith said.

    "Basic mistakes, no balls, missed chances up-front proved costly for us. We really could have had England three or four down in those first six overs.

    "Basic mistakes from us allowed them to get a partnership that has proven to be the difference between the two games."


    Smith was particularly annoyed by Morkel's no-ball, which followed a similar situation with India's Suresh Raina in South Africa's group stage defeat. Raina was caught of a no-ball when on five and went on to a match-winning 101.

    "It is very frustrating and it is something we have spoken about," Smith said.

    "It seems to come and go, he goes through phases where he doesn't bowl them and then he goes through phases when he does.

    "I guess it is up to the bowling coach and Morne to get it right."

    But the South Africa skipper was frank about the result.

    "I think England outplayed us in both the first ten overs.

    "They bowled better than us, batted better than us and we sort of allowed them to play with freedom with the ball and the bat.

    "I think they bowled very well. I found the wicket pretty two paced and hard to play freely on. Everyone of our batters struggled except for JP (Duminy) really.

    "That partnership between Kieswetter and Pietersen really was the difference."

    The victory means England have a maximum four points ahead of their final Group E game against New Zealand on Monday.

    New Zealand and South Africa have two points while Pakistan are without a win from two matches.

    Pietersen will miss the game with New Zealand as he flies home to be with his wife for the birth of their first child but he is expected to return for the semi-final game.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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