Slovakia announces World Cup squad

Slovakia announces World Cup squad

    The Slovakian World Cup squad. [EPA]

    Slovakia coach Vladimir Weiss on Tuesday named a provisional 29-man squad for the World Cup finals, which runs from June 11 to July 11 in South Africa where they are in Group F along with New Zealand, defending champions Italy and Paraguay.


    Goalkeepers: Jan Mucha (Legia Varsaw/POL), Dusan Kuciak (Vaslui/ROM), Lubos Kamenar (Nantes/FRA), Dusan Pernis (Dundee United/SCO)

    Defenders: Peter Pekarik (Wolfsburg/GER), Martin Petras (Cesena/ITA), Martin Skrtel (Liverpool/ENG), Lubomir Michalik (Leeds United/ENG), Jan Durica (Lokomotiv Moscow/RUS), Radoslav Zabavnik (Mainz/GER), Marek Cech (West Bromwich Albion/ENG), Tomas Hubocan (Zenit St Petersburg/RUS), Kornel Salata (Slovan Bratislava).

    Midfielders: Kamil Kopunek (Spartak Trnava), Jan Kozak (Timisoara/ROM), Juraj Kucka (Sparta Prague/CZE), Miroslav Karhan (Mainz/GER), Marek Sapara (Ankaragucu/TUR), Mario Pecalka (MSK Zilina), Stanislav Sestak (Bochum/GER), Marek Hamsik (Napoli/ITA), Vladimir Weiss jr (Manchester City/ENG), Miroslav Stoch (Chelsea/ENG), Dusan Svento (Salzburg/AUT), Zdeno Strba (Xanthi/GRE)

    Strikers: Erich Jendrisek (Schalke 04/GER), Robert Vittek (Ankaragucu/TUR), Martin Jakubko (Ramenskoye/RUS), Filip Holosko (Besiktas/TUR)

    SOURCE: Agencies


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