Bangladesh keep England waiting

Zunaed and Rahim build 81-run stand as hosts reach 191-5 chasing 513 to win.

    Michael Carberry fields a shot as Bangladesh build a patient innings on day four [AFP]

    Zunaed Siddique and Mushfiqur Rahim delayed England's victory charge in the first Test with an unbroken 81-run stand to help Bangladesh reach 191 for five in their second innings.

    Zunaed eked out a patient half-century in Chittagong to remain 68 not out alongside Rahim's 47 not out at the close on Monday's fourth day.

    The hosts are chasing 513 to win after England declared their second innings on 209 for seven.

    Coming together around 20 minutes before the tea break, the pair batted out the entire final session to frustrate England.

    'No easy finish'

    "At no stage did we sit back and say we were going to finish this game today. We said we wanted to bowl as many dot balls as possible, build pressure on Bangladesh, and that will get us wickets," England paceman Steven Finn said.

    Day four scorecard

    England first innings 599-6 dec
    Bangladesh first innings 296

    England second innings 209-7 dec

    Bangladesh second innings
    T Iqbal b Swann 14
    I Kayes c Prior b Finn 23
    Z Siddique not out 68
    A Ahmed c Prior b Bresnan 26
    Mahmudullah b Bresnan 5
    S Hasan lbw b Swann 4
    M Rahim not out 47
    Extras 4
    Total (for 5, 75 overs) 191

    "They aren't going to be walked over because they've got good batsmen. We just wanted to bowl dot balls, good deliveries, and hopefully they'll get themselves out."

    Tim Bresnan struck twice in the second session before skipper Shakib Al Hasan fell to a controversial lbw decision off Graeme Swann.

    Bresnan ended a stubborn 54-run third-wicket partnership when he had Aftab Ahmed caught by wicketkeeper Matt Prior for 26 and then bowled Mahmudullah for five.

    Bangladesh suffered a huge blow when Shakib was given out leg before off Swann, with replays suggesting he got a full glove on his sweep shot.

    Swann had earlier bowled Tamim Iqbal for 14 in his second over.

    Imrul Kayes survived strong appeals for lbw and a catch at leg-gully before he finally edged Finn to Prior for 23.

    "We already lost five wickets and their score is also very high. We will try to occupy the crease. If we can get a good partnership then the positives will come out hopefully," said Zunaed.

    England, resuming on 131-5, lost overnight batsman Prior in the fourth over, but Ian Bell and Swann batted aggressively to help the tourists declare their second innings with an hour remaining in the first session.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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