Juve frustrated at Livorno

Juventus lose at Livorno leaving the Italian club three points adrift of European spot.

    Juventus' Charvalo Amauri, left, shares his frustration during the game [AFP]
    Juventus continued their awful run in Italy's Serie A with a 1-1 draw at modest Livorno, leaving the famous Turin club three points adrift of the fourth Champions League qualifying spot.

    Sixth-placed Juve, who have 15 games left, have now won just once in eight league matches and rarely looked like taking three points in Tuscany.

    Alberto Zaccheroni, in his second game as Juve coach having replaced the sacked Ciro Ferrara, changed tactics by opting for three at the back but the old defensive frailties remained.


    Livorno's Antonio Filippini was unmarked when he nodded in Luigi Vitale's inviting cross midway through the first half.

    Nicola Legrottaglie, only playing because of the switch to three centre backs, equalised after 42 minutes when he headed Diego's freekick past shaky new Livorno goalkeeper Rubinho.

    "I'm not happy. We wanted to win," Italy's Legrottaglie told Sky television.

    "It's a shame. We could have done more but it's a draw and bit by bit we are working on it."

    Fabio Cannavaro added to Juve's long injury list by limping off with a thigh problem before Felipe Melo was sent off for two bookings late on.

    Moving on up

    Results & fixtures

    Saturday February 6

     Livorno 1-1 Juventus
     Palermo 2-1 Parma

    Sunday February 7

     Atalanta v Bari
     Bologna v AC Milan
     Fiorentina v Roma
     Genoa v Chievo
     Inter Milan v Cagliari
     Lazio v Catania
     Siena v Sampdoria
     Udinese v Napoli

    Palermo in fifth moved two points above Juve and one behind fourth-placed Napoli after Simplicio blasted in an 87th minute winner to seize a 2-1 victory over Parma.

    The Brazilian, who almost left for Inter Milan on Monday's transfer deadline day, fired in from 12 metres after Fabrizio Miccoli's clever pass.

    Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani headed in Miccoli's freekick to hand the hosts the lead in the second half before Jonathan Biabiany was allowed to equalise despite Cavani lying injured.

    Flying Napoli can re-establish a four-point cushion with a win at Udinese on Sunday when leaders Inter entertain Cagliari.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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