Cassetti decks Lazio in Rome derby

Defender Marco Cassetti gives Roma 1-0 win as Lazio continue to struggle in Serie A.

    Cassetti says his goal against Lazio was the 'ultimate for a Roma player' [AFP]
    Defender Marco Cassetti slammed in 11 minutes from time to give Roma a 1-0 win over Lazio  as the Rome derby was held up by fans throwing firecrackers.

    Safety fears prompted a six-minute suspension after a quarter of an hour but the crowd, who have caused trouble at Rome derbies in the past, behaved when play restarted.

    The stoppage took the sting out of Sunday's contest but lowly Lazio almost snatched the lead when Mauro Zarate struck the post before Cassetti swept in Mirko Vucinic's cross.

    It was Cassetti's first goal since the 2006-07 season.

    Both teams have been fined $59,500 each for the holdup in play.

    "This is the ultimate for a Roma player," said Cassetti, who celebrated by knocking over advertising boards lining the field.

    Norway left back John Arne Riise nearly made it 2-0 for Roma five minutes from the end but Muslera again managed to save.

    Roma's David Pizarro was dismissed for two bookings late on while there was a customary scuffle between players at the end.

    In-form Roma are now just a point off the European Champions League places after a bad start while Lazio coach Davide Ballardini, who continually overlooks Goran Pandev after their top striker asked for a close-season move, is clinging to his job.

    Juventus meanwhile have been fined $37,000 after a smattering of fans made racist remarks and sang insulting songs during Saturday's 2-1 home win over Inter Milan.

    Inter coach Jose Mourinho has been banned from the dugout for one game following his sending off against Juve for sarcastically applauding the referee, with Juve midfielder Felipe Melo also given a one-game suspension for his own dismissal.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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