Vonn hurt in slalom crash

World Cup leader expected to be cleared to race as fracture fears disappear in Lienz.

    Vonn is one of the favourites for February's Winter Olympics [GALLO/GETTY]
    Alpine skiing World Cup leader Lindsey Vonn crashed in the first leg of a giant slalom in Lienz and was forced out with a left arm injury.

    Doctors at a local hospital said the American had not suffered a fracture, only some swelling, and should be able to start Tuesday's slalom on the same Schlossberg course.

    Vonn, winner of the overall World Cup for the past two seasons and the favourite in the speed events for February's Winter Olympics in Vancouver, lost her balance and fell on her right hip halfway through the morning run.

    It took her some time to get back on her feet and she was seen holding her left arm on the side of the piste while stewards attended to her.

    "It hurts in the left arm and hand," she told Austrian television before being taken to hospital for further examination on Monday.

    Vonn has always struggled in giant slaloms, the only discipline in which she has yet to win a World Cup race.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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