Bolt begins quest for sprint double

Jamaican 100m champion Usain Bolt easily qualifies for second round of 200m.

    Bolt, second left, says the 200 is the race closest to his heart [GALLO/GETTY]

    Defending Olympic champion Shawn Crawford of the United States and fellow American Wallace Spearmon won their heats and also progress to the second round in the Bird's Nest stadium on Monday evening.

    Speaking to reporters Crawford, 30, said he was not in awe of Bolt and felt no pressure to follow up on his 2004 Athens win with another gold from Beijing.

    "I don't have to defend anything, the 2004 medal is mine and nobody can take it," he said, adding that "everyone is beatable".

    "I am here to shoot for the 2008 medal, we are all doing the same - trying to shoot for that gold," Crawford said.

    "The legs feel good, I am ready to go."


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