Lorenzo suffers crash in China

The Spainard suffers a chipped bone in practice.

    Jorge Lorenzo crashes out in practice [GALLO/GETTY]
    Moto GP championship co-leader Jorge Lorenzo suffered a chipped bone in his left ankle after a spectacular fall during practice for Sunday's Grand Prix of China.

    The Spaniard had a "highside" fall during opening practice and was taken to the Huashun hospital in Shanghai, according to the Moto GP website.

    It said the Fiat Yamaha rider suffered no upper body injury despite taking the impact of the fall on his forearms, and while he did not take part in afternoon practice, he may return for Saturday's qualifying.

    Lorenzo and fellow Spaniard Dani Pedrosa lead the season standings with 61 points each after three races.

    Lorenzo's teammate Valentino Rossi set the best time in Friday's practice, with the four-time Moto GP world champion being the only man to break the two-minute mark around the Shanghai International Circuit.

    Reigning world champion Casey Stoner of Australia had the best time in the afternoon session on his Ducati, but fell two tenths of a second short of Rossi's morning mark.

    In the 250cc class, Spaniard Alvaro Bautista set provisional pole on his Aprilia, ahead of championship leader Mika Kallio on a KTM.

    German Stefan Bradl took provisional pole in the 125cc class, with championship leader Simone Corsi of Italy fourth quickest.

    The final qualifying in all classes will be held Saturday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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