Canada set up date with Russia

Canada beat Finland to book their place in the ice hockey World Championship final.

    Canada rejoice during their victory
    over Finland [GALLO/GETTY]

    Rick Nash broke a 3-3 tie midway through the second period and Mike Green added another goal with seven seconds remaining, leading Canada to a 5-4 victory over Finland and into the ice hockey World Championship final.

    The victory was Canada's 17th straight at the World Championship and sent it to a Sunday match against Russia, one victory away from a second consecutive title.

    Dany Heatley, Ryan Getzlaf and Jamal Mayers gave Canada a 3-2 lead 8:31 into the second before Anton Stralman's second goal tied it for a second time.

    Nash's goal put Canada ahead for good at 12:29 of the period and Green scored the eventual difference just before the end of the period.

    The final against Russia, which advanced to the final with a 4-0 shutout of Finland, will be the first time the two ice hockey powers have met for the gold medal at the worlds.

    The Swedes will play Finland for the bronze medal on Saturday.

    Sweden goalie Henrik Lundqvist turned away eight shots in the first five minutes before Heatley gave Canada the lead at 5:35, his tournament-leading 12th goal.

    Stralman responded with 45 seconds remaining in the period to equalise for Sweden and Niclas Wallin put the Scandinavians ahead 2:46 into the second.

    But Getzlaf responded for Canada 1:12 later and Mayers put Canada back in front at 8:31.

    Stralman tied it again at 11:26, but once more the Canadians responded quickly.

    Nash took a pass in the neutral zone and split two Swedish defencemen before lifting it over Lundqvist.

    Turning point

    Green delivered the decisive blow for Canada shortly after Sweden's Jonas Frogren had been sent to the penalty box for four minutes after cutting Jason Spezza with a high stick.

    The Canadian defender raced down the wing and beat Lundqvist high to the glove side with 6.7 seconds left in the second period.

    Swedish coach Bengt-Ake Gustafsson sent Mikael Tellqvist out to play goal in the third period and he gave his team a chance.

    Fredrik Warg made it 5-4 by knocking in a loose puck at 14:21 before Tellqvist turned the dangerous Nash away on a clear breakaway.

    The Swedes pressed hard for a late equaliser but Pascal Leclaire wouldn't be beaten again on this night.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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