Greek team give evidence

The Greek weightlfiting team try to stay in the Olympics.

    The Greek weightlifting team faces expulsion
    from the Olympics [AFP] 

    The five-member Greek weightlifting team gave testimony as part of an investigation into a doping scandal that could prevent it from competing at the Beijing Olympics.

    Suspended head coach Christos Iakovou, his assistant Valerios Leonidis, and another three coaches submitted statements through their lawyers.

    Eleven of the team's 13 weightlifters tested positive for a banned substance in a spot doping check in March.

    The results were announced in April.

    In his statement, Iakovou again blamed a faulty batch of diet supplements from China.

    He called on prosecutor Andreas Karaflos to ask Chinese judicial authorities to seek testimony from officials of the Shanghai-based drug company.

    The 60-year-old Iakovou, who was suspended last month, is one of Greece's most successful coaches.

    His lifters have won 12 Olympic medals, including five gold, since the 1992 Barcelona Games.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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