Xing Huina out of Olympics

The Olympic 10,000 metre champion will not get a chance to defend his crown.

    Xing Huina is out of the Olympics

    Olympic 10,000-metre champion Xing Huina of China will not get a chance to defend her title at this summer's Beijing Olympics.

    Ren Wuyong, the track and field director for the provincial team in Shandong, said Xing had a thigh injury that has kept her from training adequately.

    This will keep her out of this week's China Open at the new National Stadium in Beijing, her last chance to qualify for the August 8-24 Olympics in the Chinese capital.

    Xing would have been one of host nation's medal favourites in track and field.

    The only other clear favourite in the discipline is defending Olympic champion Liu Xiang in the 110-meter hurdles.

    Ren told the Guangzhou Daily newspaper that Xing, 24, was not considering retirement and would compete in next year's national games.

    Xing, who overtook Ethiopian Ejagayehu Dibaba to win gold in Athens, has not had much luck since the Olympics.

    In 2005, she was stripped of her gold medal in the national games for elbowing a fellow runner.

    She did not compete at the 2006 Asian Games.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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