Milan still keen of Ronaldinho deal

Silvio Berlusconi is still hopeful of luring the Barcelona star.

    Some believe Ronaldinho has played his last
    game at the Nou Camp [GALLO/GETTY]

    AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi is still hoping to sign Ronaldinho from FC Barcelona.

    Asked on a radio talk show whether there is still a chance for the Brazil midfielder to join the Serie A club, Berlusconi responded "absolutely yes.''

    Berlusconi, the media mogul-politician who is getting ready for a third stint as Italy's premier after winning this week's general election, said he had met Ronaldinho's agent and brother, Roberto De Assis, for dinner Monday.

    "He brought me a jersey of (Ronaldinho's) with a very affectionate dedication for me,'' Berlusconi was quoted as saying.

    Milan and crosstown rival Inter Milan have both been vying to sign the Brazil playmaker.

    Ronaldinho, who has been out with a muscle injury since the beginning of April and will likely miss the rest of the season, has a contract at Barcelona through 2010.

    However his departure is seen as likely at the end of the season after being injured for most of it, and when fit he has found himself on the bench with his attitude and fitness brought into question.

    Italian media have said Milan may offer Ronaldinho $12.7 million a season until 2012 and $31.6 million to Barcelona to release him.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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