De Villiers builds massive lead

A.B. de Villiers scores an unbeaten 217 on day two.

    AB de Villiers brings up 200 runs

    A.B. de Villiers punished the India attack for a double century as South Africa accumulated a massive first-innings lead in the second test.

    De Villiers (217 not out) batted through the day, becoming the first South African to post a double century against India, and shared a record-breaking partnership of 256 with Jacques Kallis (132) that spurred South Africa to an imposing 494-7 on the second day.

    South Africa holds a 418-run lead after India was dismissed for a paltry 76 in its first innings.

    De Villiers was still going strong when heavy, unseasonal showers curtailed play in the final session, with Paul Harris (9) the other unbeaten batsman.

    Resuming at the overnight score of 223-4, South Africa added 271 runs Friday for the loss of Kallis, Mark Boucher (21) and Morne Morkel (1), positioning itself for a win that would give it the series lead after the drawn opening test.

    Surviving a run out chance on 89, de Villiers scored his fifth century in 39 tests and his first against India.

    Dominating a dispirited India attack, de Villiers surpassed his previous best test score of 178 in style, hoisting spinner Harbhajan Singh (4-135) for a six over midwicket, sending the ball onto the roof of a stand.

    His previous best was against the West Indies in 2005.

    De Villiers completed his double century with a cover-drive boundary off Singh.

    His eight-hour knock contained 17 fours and two sixes off 333 deliveries.

    The previous highest score for a South African batsman against India was 196 by Herschelle Gibbs at Port Elizabeth in 2001.

    The De Villiers-Kallis partnership is the highest partnership for South Africa against India, eclipsing the 236-run stand between openers Gary Kirsten and Andrew Hudson at Calcutta in 1996.

    Kallis century

    Kallis posted his 30th century before playing a Shantakumaran Sreesanth delivery on to his stumps.

    Kallis' ton moved him out of a tie with Australia's Don Bradman in the list of test century makers, joining Australia opener Matthew Hayden in sixth spot.

    Above them are India's Sachin Tendulkar (39) and Sunil Gavaskar (34), West Indies' Brian Lara (34), and Australian pair Ricky Ponting (34) and Steve
    Waugh (32).

    Kallis had a lucky escape on 61 when a delivery from spinner Harbhajan Singh hit his gloves and rolled on to the stumps, but did not dislodge the bails.

    Kallis competed his century in the first over after lunch with an off-drive boundary.

    He struck 14 fours and a six off 275 deliveries during his patient six-hour knock.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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