Date set for Mosley meeting

The fate of the embattled FIA president will be decided by secret ballot.

    Max Mosely, left,  meets McLaren Mercedes Team
    Principal Ron Dennis in 2007 [GALLO/GETTY]


    Max Mosley's future as FIA president will be decided on June 3 at a special general assembly meeting in Paris.

    Mosley, who has recently been embroiled in a sex scandal, called for the meeting last week, the world governing body for motor racing said Wednesday.

    FIA invited all 222 national motoring member organizations from 130 countries to attend the meeting.

    "The general assembly will include a vote of confidence by secret ballot,'' FIA said in a statement.

    The 67-year-old Mosley has been under pressure to step down since British tabloid The News of The World reported on March 30 that he participated in sex acts with five prostitutes in a scenario that involved Nazi role-playing.

    Videos remain public

    Mosley has since taken the paper to court to remove a video of him from its website, but Britain's High Court refused to do so Wednesday.

    Mosley is suing the newspaper for breach of confidence, unlawful invasion of his privacy and misuse of private information.

    He said in a statement Wednesday that he "intends to donate any damages in the case to the FIA Foundation which promotes road safety, safety in motorsport and the environment.''

    American motoring federation AAA has publicly demanded that Mosley quit, while federations from Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Israel have criticized him, as have four major car manufacturers.

    Mosley claims to have the backing of a large number of federations. He has led FIA since 1993, and his term expires in October 2009.

    Mosley has acknowledged visiting the prostitutes, but denied there was any Nazi connotation.

    Mosley is the son of British Union of Fascists party founder Oswald Mosley, a former British politician who served in Parliament for both the Labour and Conservative parties.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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