Kashima continue goal plunder

Japan's Kashima Antlers continue to win big in the Asian Champions League.

    Marquinhos and Masashi Motoyama of Kashima
    Antlers celebrate their third goal [GALLO/GETTY]
    Japan's Kashima Antlers took its goals-for tally to 15 with a 6-0 win over Vietnam's Nam Dinh in the Asian Champions League.

    Among the other results on matchday two, Australia's Adelaide United maintained a narrow lead in its group following a 0-0 draw against China's Changchun Yatai, Beijing Guoan recorded successive wins, and 2007 finalist Sepahan of Iran suffered consecutive losses.

    Adelaide United came closest to scoring when Diego hit the crossbar with a 66th-minute effort from well outside the box.

    At the end of mediocre game, Adelaide and Changchun remained tied for the Group E lead on four points, one ahead of South Korea's Pohang Steelers while Vietnam's Binh Duong was yet to earn a point.

    Only the group winners progress to the quarterfinals.

    Korean victory

    Pohang beat Binh Duong 4-1 on Wednesday in a match of three penalties.

    The Vietnamese side took an early lead at home when Brazilian Lima converted a penalty, but Pohang soon responded with a spot kick of its own, with Denilson stroking home.

    Kim Jae-sung, Denilson's second penalty and Choi Hyo-jin completed a comfortable second half for the Steelers.

    In Group G, two late goals by Cameroonian substitute Stephane Baga saw Thailand's Chonburi stun Australia's Melbourne Victory 3-1.

    The result saw Chonburi, which had a creditable away draw at Gamba Osaka in its first match, moved to the top of the group on goal difference from the Japanese side.

    Both are on four points, a point ahead of Melbourne, with South Korea's Chunnam Dragons pointless in what is shaping as a very competitive group.

    Chonburi upset the fancied Melbourne Victory
    in Bangkok [GALLO/GETTY]
    Chonburi went ahead just on half time through Brazilian striker Fabiano, before the Australians drew level ten minutes into the second half via Danny Allsopp.

    The introduction of Baga turned the match, as he shot home from 30 meters in the 79th minute.

    Chonburi had Arthit Suntornphit sent off with five minutes to go, but Baga sealed the result in added time.

    Gamba Osaka stage fightback

    In South Korea, Gamba Osaka come from 2-0 down to win 4-3 at Chunnam.

    Chunnam were ahead after five minutes when Brazilian striker Simone lashed home, and Kim Tae-su doubled the hosts' lead after 28 minutes.

    Gamba was back in the game just two minutes later thanks to a bullet shot from striker Takahiro Futagawa.

    The Japanese side equalized in the 58th minute through Ryuji Bando and took the lead two minutes later through Michihrio Yasuda.

    But just sixty seconds later, Chunnam equalized through Kim's penalty.

    Bando's second with 14 minutes remaining proved the winner.

    Goal machines

    In Group F, Kashima Antlers made it 15 goals in two games by smashing Nam Dinh 6-0.

    Masashi Motoyama and Brazilian striker Marquinhos scored two goals each, with Yuzo Tashiro and Danilo getting the others.

    Kashima defeated Thailand's Krung Thai Bank 9-1 in the opening match and sit atop the group standings with six points from two games.

    Beijing Guoan are also on six points after a 4-2 win over the Thais on Wednesday.

    Nam Dinh and Krung Thai Bank are yet to score a point.

    Krung Thai Bank showed more defensive rigor on Wednesday, holding out Beijing Guoan until the 37th minute when Du Wenhui scored.

    Six minutes into the second half, Honduras international Walter Julian Martinez doubled the home side's lead.

    Jorge Samuel Caballero, left, and Wei Cui of
    Changchun Yatai FC battle each other 
    Krung Thai Bank hit back in the 58th minute with a goal from Thaensopa Nantawat, and the visitors were level just five minutes later thanks to Pichitchotirat Peeraphong.

    However Du and Martinez each scored again to give the Chinese side a win.

    Iran's Saipa go top

    In Group B, Iran's Saipa moved to provisional top of the group with a 2-0 win over Al Wasl of the United Arab Emirates.

    Saipa took the lead just before half time through Malian midfielder Issa Traore, and had a two-goal buffer after 57 minutes when Karim Ansarifar fired home.

    Saipa moved to four points from two games, a point ahead of Iraq's Al Quwa, who were to meet Al Kuwait later Wednesday.

    In Group A, Sepahan fell to its second straight defeat, losing 2-0 to Uzbekistan's Kuruvchi on Wednesday.

    Second-half goals by Ulugbek Bakaev and Timur Kapadze left the 2007 finalists pointless and bottom of the group.

    Kuruvchi moved to three points from two games, equal with Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia and namesake Al Ittihad of Syria, with those two clubs scheduled to play each other later Wednesday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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