Rice breaks another record

The world records continue to tumble at the Australian swimming trials.

    Stephanie Rice on her way to a new
    world record [GALLO/GETTY]
    Stephanie Rice broke the women's 200-metre individual medley world record at Australia's Olympic swimming trials, clocking 2 minutes 8.92 seconds.

    It was the 19-year-old Rice's second world record of the eight day Australian championships, she set the 400 IM mark on Saturday night.

    Her time of 2:08.92 in the 200 IM wiped 0.80 seconds off China's Wu Yan Yan's 11-year-old mark and was a personal best by 2.5 seconds.

    "I'm swimming really, really well and have had a good preparation,'' Rice said.

    "I was coming into tonight not to think about the record and just about myself.

    "That is a huge, huge personal best."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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