Ghana extend Le Roy deal

Claude Le Roy will look to take Ghana to the 2010 World Cup.

    All smiles: Claude Le Roy defies his own prediction
    Ghana have handed their coach Claude Le Roy a two-year contract extension, despite his own prediction he would be fired for not winning the African Nations Cup earlier this month.

    The Ghana Football Association announced Le Roy will lead team's bid to qualify for the World Cup finals and Nations Cup tournament in 2010.

    "The governing body has decided to keep faith with the coach until 2010, after having guided Ghana to bronze at the just ended African Nations Cup," a statement said.

    Le Roy had predicted last month he would be fired if he failed to steer Ghana to success on home soil.

    "If we are not champions, I'm sure a new coach will come in my place," he said during the tournament.

    Ghana, who lost to Cameroon in the semi-final, beat the Ivory Coast 4-2 in the third place play-off.

    Ghana start the World Cup qualifiers with an away match in Gabon on June 1.

    The 2010 World Cup qualifiers are also being used to decide the 16 finalists for the Nations Cup in Angola.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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