Ouaddou set to sue fan

The Morocco defender to take action against a fan who allegedly abused him.

    Abdeslam Ouaddou confronted a fan who he believed
    abused him [GALLO/GETTY]
    Valenciennes captain Abdeslam Ouaddou is suing a fan who allegedly shouted racist remarks at him during a French league match at Metz.

    The Morocco defender climbed into the stands to argue with the Metz fan at the Saint Symphorien stadium.

    "The police officers asked me to file a complaint so that this person could be punished and maybe banned from the stadium,'' Ouaddou said after the game, which Metz won 2-1.

    Ouaddou was given a yellow card for having left the field during play and was later questioned by the police. The fan was also questioned.

    The head of France's football league, Frederic Thiriez, said on RTL radio that the league would file a legal complaint against the fan.

    Metz president Carlo Molinari said Sunday the club had also filed suit against the fan.

    "We cannot prevent an isolated act such as this one,'' Molinari said.

    After the match, several chunks of concrete were thrown at the windshield of a bus of Valenciennes fans, lightly injuring a 9-year-old child.

    Two people were detained, Metz security director Jacky Ancel said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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