Cameroon crush Zambia

Eto'o equals the competition scoring record as the Indomitable Lions win 5-1.

    Eto'o scored his 14th goal in the competition,
    equalling a record set by Ivorian Laurent Pokou [AFP]

    Four-time champions Cameroon have got their 2008 Africa Cup of Nations campaign back on track with a comfortable 5-1 victory over Zambia.

    Cameroon had slumped to a 4-2 defeat at the hands of Group C rivals, and defending champions, Egypt in their first match but they bounced back in style on Saturday as striker Samuel Eto'o matched the tournament's all-time scoring record.

    The Barcelona striker, who has been named African player of the Year three times, equalled the record of 14 goals set by Ivorian Laurent Pokou when he scored from the penalty spot in the 65th minute.

    It was his third goal of the tournament and the Indomitable Lions fourth goal of the game.

    Cameroon had taken the lead on 27 minutes courtesy of a well-struck free kick by Geremi Njitap and doubled their advantage five minutes later when three Zambian defenders failed to clear a long ball and Joseph Desire Job beat the Zambian goalkeeper.
    Poor defending

    More poor defending then allowed Toulose ace Achilles Emana to coolly place the ball past a hapless Mweene for goal number three just minutes before the interval.

    Zambia fought back after the restart and Rigobert Song had to bring his wealth of experience to bear when he timed his tackle to perfection to stop the rampaging Christopher Katongo from scoring.
    However, it was Cameroon that went further ahead after Eto'o was fouled around the edge of the box. He picked himself up and took the free kick which was handled inside the area and from the resulting spot kick he scored.

    Mohamed Aboutrika scored two goals to keep
    the Pharoahs top of Group C [Reuters]
    Job scored his second of the night and Cameroon's fifth of the night on 81 minutes before Katongo got a consolation for Zambia.

    "We won the game but we still have a lot of work to do," Cameroon coach Otto Pfister said after the match.

    "We lost our first game to Egypt because we lacked discipline on the pitch but we have made up for this now."

    Egypt were in action in the second game of the day and maintained their lead over Cameroon at the top of Group C by beating Sudan 3-0.

    Hosny Abd Rabou, a two-goal hero against Cameroon, continued where he left off when he converted a 27th minute penalty at the second attempt after being  brought down by goalkeeper Mahgoub Elmuez.
    Al Ahly star Mohamed Aboutrika then grabbed the second goal on 77 minutes before he added the third five minutes later when he ran into  the box off another counter-attack and beat Elmuez by the near post.

    Egypt will face Zambia in the last round, while Cameroon will take on Sudan.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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