More misery for Depor and Valencia

The troubles continue for two of Spain's former big guns.

    A tight unit: Atletico Madrid stay in the title race [EPA]

    Atletico Madrid rose into fourth place with a 3-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna its first win at the Riazor stadium since 1995.

    Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan shot home in the 40th minute for his seventh goal of the season, with fellow striker Sergio Aguero adding his eighth goal of the season in the 52nd.

    Midfielder Jose Manuel Jurado added Atletico's third goal with a 65th-minute header.

    Deportivo, languishing in 19th place, last won a home game on September 16.

    Meanwhile, Valencia's troubles grew when it was held to a 0-0 draw by last-place neighbor Levante in the Spanish league.

    Valencia, which came closest to scoring when midfielder Joaquin Sanchez hit the bar from a free kick in the 71st minute, has won just one of seven league games since Ronald Koeman took charge as coach in early November.

    The team was also eliminated from the Champions League last month.

    Levante's draw at Mestalla stadium brought the team its first away point of the season after eight straight defeats.

    Valencia's woes were compounded when substitute Nikola Zigic was sent off in the 85th for a scything tackle on Levante defender Jose Manuel Serrano.

    Valencia, which stayed in seventh place with 27 points, was jeered and whistled by its supporters at the final whistle.

    Last month, Koeman axed captain David Albelda, goalkeeper Santiago Canizares and midfielder Miguel Angel Angulo.

    Another midfielder, Manuel Fernandes, also seems set to leave after spending Friday morning in police custody following a nightclub incident.

    Real Madrid, who defeated Zaragoza 2-0 through goals to Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Robinhio, leads the league with 44 points.

    FC Barcelona has 37, Espanyol 36 and Atletico Madrid 34.

    Santander stayed sixth by beating Bilbao courtesy of a 43rd-minute own-goal by striker Fernando Llorente.

    Valladolid midfielder Angel Vivar Dorado scored against his former club, Getafe, in the 54th and 76th minutes to help his side to its first win in four games.

    Alvaro Rubio added Valladolid's other goal in the 68th.

    Recreativo striker Florent Sinama-Pongolle notched his first goal in four months in the 14th, with Almeria defender Mane Jimenez equalising six minutes later.

    Murcia forward Henok Goitom's 73rd-minute goal and midfielder Abel's Gomez's injury-time penalty brought their team victory over Osasuna.

    Sevilla hosted crosstown rival Real Betis in Sunday's final game.

    On Saturday, Barcelona beat Mallorca 2-0, while Espanyol downed Villarreal 3-0.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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