Urawa get dream date with AC Milan

The Japanese side defeat Iran's Sepahan to book a semi-final place at the CWC.

    Yuichi Nagai celebrates his goal [AFP]
    Japan's Urawa Reds beat Iranian side Sepahan 3-1 at the Fifa Club World Championship to set up a dream semi-final with AC Milan.

    However, the Reds' will be huge underdogs against Milan's expensively assembled squad before Thursday's clash in Yokohama.

    Striker Yuichiro Nagai got Urawa's scoring underway, after pouncing on Takahito Soma's low cross to score from point-blank range after 32 minutes.

    Brazilian forward Washington then doubled the advantage nine minutes into the second half, finishing in style from an acute angle, before Hadi Aghily's own goal killed off the match.

    Sepahan were looking to avenge defeat by Urawa in last month's Asian Champions League final but they rarely threatened before a late consolation from substitute Mahmoud Karimi.

    South American champions Boca Juniors take on Tunisia's Etoile Sahel in the first semi-final of the seven-team tournament in Tokyo on Wednesday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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