Guinea names squad

Guinea announce a provisional squad for the African Cup of Nations.

     Guinea players Fode Mansare (l) and Mohamed Sylla
    (r) circle Zambia's Lameck Njobvu  during the last
    African Nations Cup [EPA]

    Former Arsenal and Olympique Marseille striker Kaba Diawarra is the surprise omission from a provisional list of players named by Guinea for the African Nations Cup in Ghana next month.

    French coach Robert Nouzaret named 35 players on a list that will be reduced to 23 after a training camp in Spain in January.

    All but two are based at clubs outside of Guinea.

    "I have chosen players who are better than him at the moment", Nouzaret said.

    Diawara, a former French youth international, was a member of the Guinea side that reached the Nations Cup quarter-finals in 2006 in Egypt.

    Guinea play the opening game of the 2008 finals against hosts Ghana in Accra on January 20.

    The final is on February 10.

    Guinea Squad:

    Goalkeepers: Hamidou Camara (AS Kaloum), Kemoko Camara (unattached), Naby Diarso (Satellite FC), Naby Yattara (RACS Couillet)

    Defenders: Dianbobo Balde (Celtic), Habib Jean Balde (Reims), Alseny Camara (Rodez), Ibrahima Camara (Le Mans), Kevin Constant (Toulouse), Ibrahim Diallo (Charleroi), Mohamed Alimou Diallo (Sivaspor), Daouda Jabi (Trabonzspor), Oumar Kalabane (Manisaspor), Kamil Zayatte (Young Boys Berne)

    Midfielders: Mamadou Bah (Racing Strasbourg), Ibrahima Bangoura (Troyes), Mangue Camara (Rouen), Minka Yady Camara (Le Mans), Mohamed Cisse (Bursaspor), Pascal Feindouno (St Etienne), Samuel Johnson (Ismaili), Mohamed Sacko (Etoile Sahel), Ibrahima Souare (Martigues), Naby Soumah (CS Sfaxien), Kanfory Sylla (Sivaspor), Larsen Toure (Lille), Ibrahim Yattara (Trabzonspor)

    Strikers: Ismael Bangoura (Dynamo Kiev), Mohamed Karba Bangoura (Olympique Khouribga), Sambegou Bangoura (Boavista), Karamoko Cisse (Verona), Victor Correa (Cherbourg), Alhassane Keita (Al Ittihad Jeddah), Fode Mansare (Toulouse), Souleymane Youla (Lille)

    SOURCE: Agencies


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