Woolmer cop rules out match fixing

Police say there's no evidence of Pakistan match fixing at the Cricket World Cup.

    Controversy still surrounds former Pakistan coach
    Bob Woolmer's death [GALLO/GETTY] 
    The lead police investigator into the death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer has said there was no evidence of match-fixing in the team's games at the Cricket World Cup in March.

    Jamaica Deputy Police Commissioner Mark Shields, testifying at Woolmer's inquest, said the International Cricket Council also found no evidence linking Woolmer's death to match-fixing.

    The 58-year-old Woolmer was found unconscious in his Kingston hotel room on March 18, a day after Pakistan was upset by Ireland in group play.

    Jamaica government pathologist Dr. Ere Sheshiah ruled days later that he'd been strangled, setting off an international murder investigation.

    However, several foreign doctors concluded Woolmer died from natural causes, most likely heart disease.

    Fans and media have speculated that Woolmer possibly uncovered a match-fixing scam, or been targeted by Pakistan fans incensed at their team's poor showing.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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