England wallops woeful Wales

England scores a record victory over Wales in a Rugby World Cup warm up.

    Nick Easter, England's number eight, scored a hat-trick of tries in the match [GALLO/GETTY]

    Benefiting from his teammates showing their best form since claiming the World Cup in 2003, Easter got two tries in the first half as England bullied their way to a deserved 22-0 lead as Steve Borthwick also crossed.
    There was little respite for Wales after the break as Easter added his third, scrumhalf Shaun Perry grabbed a brace before replacement number eight Lawrence Dallaglio, Jason Robinson and Mathew Tait added late tries to rewrite the record books.
    It was England's highest score and biggest winning margin against Wales, who managed a sole Dafydd James score in the corner in almost their only attempt to attack via their backs.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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