Rasmussen vows to cycle on

Expelled Tour de France says he will continue as a professional cyclist.

    The Dane feels his expulsion from the Rabobank team was a punishment way out of proportion [AFP]
    "I know very well that I was late with information about my whereabouts," Rasmussen said.

    "For that I have been punished with a fine and warnings. But that it should lead to such drastic [measures] which have been taken, is out of all proportion.
    "I have now had time to collect my thoughts and I can guarantee that I am not done as a rider."
    Rasmussen was initially fined $13,700 for missing the two random drug tests, and was also banned from representing his country in any international event by Danish officials.

    However, his Rabobank team later sacked the then Tour de France leader and removed him from the race following the "misinformation" regarding his missed doping test.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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