Players behind Verbeek

South Korean players hope head coach will rethink his decision to resign.

    South Korea's team was criticised for their
    Asian Cup goal drought [AFP]

    However, the side came under heavy criticism from local media over the team's defensive tactics during the Asian Cup.

    The side failed to score in their last three matches, forcing penalty shootouts on each occasion.

    "People are talking about problems with his tactics but they're the same ones we used when Gus Hiddink was coach. We are the problem, not the coach," Lee said.

    "Verbeek's tactics and training methods are good," striker Lee Keun-ho said.

    "This is not just the coach's responsibility. Rather, it's ours."

    The KFA is scheduled to hold a meeting on Tuesday and discuss its strategy for finding a replacement.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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