Ronaldo returns to Italy

Brazilian striker joins AC Milan after falling out of favour at Real Madrid.

    Ronaldo scored 104 goals for Real Madrid [GALLO/GETTY]
    Despite scoring 104 goals for the so-called Galacticos, he won only one major title - the Spanish league in 2003 - with the club before falling out of favour this season.


    New coach Fabio Capello criticised the striker for being overweight and said he would play no part in his plans.

    "It's all a bit overwhelming, but I am happy to be here and glad that the transfer has finally gone through. It's a great feeling to be back in Milan"


    After the transfer, Capello wished Ronaldo well in Milan.
    "I wish him the best of luck in doing what he used to do which is being a great player," he told Italian regional TV station Telelombardia.

    But Ronaldo couldn't resist a dig at Capello: "I would like to thank the fans who've supported me all the time and thank all the team mates that I've had here and all the coaches I've had - except one," he said.

    "I never had any problems with the coach, but he didn't want me and as I'm a professional I wanted to carry on playing and so we looked for another solution."


    Ronaldo could make his debut for Milan on Sunday against Ascoli, the bottom side in Serie A, but it is uncertain what kind of reception awaits him in Italy.

    He played for the club's arch rivals Inter for five years until he left in 2002 and is likely to be the target of some ill-feeling from the club's supporters.
    "I hope I can fulfil the dreams of the AC Milan fans," Ronaldo said on his arrival at the city's Linate airport.
    "It's all a bit overwhelming, but I am happy to be here and glad that the transfer has finally gone through. It's a great feeling to be back in Milan."

    Milan are only three points adrift of fourth place in the Italian league, despite an eight-point penalty for match-fixing, and will be looking to the Brazilian to help them secure one of the four Champions League places.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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