Zaragoza give Barcalona a boost

Sevilla missed the chance to move six points clear of Barcalona.

    Fernando Torres keeps the Gimnastic players guessing [AFP]

    Sevilla has 37 points from 17 games, while FC Barcelona has 34 from 15. Real Madrid follows with 32 points from 16. Zaragoza has 30 from 17.


    As the final whistle sounded there was even more drama, with luis Fabiano and Diogo becoming embroiled in a fistfight, marring what was a great skeptical of football and got sent-off.




    Also, Atletico Madrid drew last-place Gimnastic Tarragona 0-0, while Real Sociedad continued its recent improvement with a 2-1 win over Osasuna.


    The matches at Zaragoza and Atletico were preceded briefly by somber music as a mark of respect for two Ecuadoreans who were killed on December 30 in a car bombing at Madrid airport blamed on Basque separatist group ETA.


    Zaragoza right back Diego, on loan this season from Real Madrid, gave his side a 14th-minute lead from Andres D'Alessandro's corner with a glancing header in off the right post.


    Milito doubled Zaragoza's lead in the 51st with his 12th goal of the season although he enjoyed some good fortune.


    Milito's header from Diogo's cross rebounded off Sevilla defender Javi Navarro and onto his arms, allowing him to fire a shot which goalkeeper Andres Palop parried on the line. Milito then ran in to score from close range.


    Sevilla, the league's top-scoring side, halved the deficit with 20 minutes remaining when Luis Fabiano poked the ball over the line after Daniel Alves cut in from the right before delivering a low cross.


    Sociedad, which failed to win in its opening 14 games of this season, beat Osasuna to tally seven points in its three matches since then.


    Sociedad midfielder Xabi Prieto claimed the honor of scoring the league's first goal of the year when he converted a 20th-minute penalty.


    Osasuna's defeat ended a run of five straight wins, leaving the team in eighth place with 23 points. Sociedad stayed 19th with 13.


    Sunday's other games are: Deportivo La Coruna vs. Real Madrid; Real Betis vs. Celta Vigo; Levante vs. Racing Santander; Mallorca vs. Athletic Bilbao; Espanyol vs. Recreativo Huelva; and Villarreal vs. Valencia.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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