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Dubai golf gets the Tiger design

Tiger Woods announces his plans for a golf course in Dubai.

    Tiger Woods (R) and Salem bin Dasmal, chairman of Dubailand, will build the exclusive golf community resort (AFP)

    "I have a vision of creating something that is uniquely mine and I want to realise this vision in Dubai.

    "I have been amazed by the progress of Dubai. From the time I first came to play here in 2000, I wanted to be a part of this amazing vision."


    Woods has played several times in the Gulf region's top golfing event, the Dubai Desert Classic, winning for the first time in February when he defeated Ernie Els in a play-off.


    He has said he will once again be in Dubai to defend his title next year.

    Woods will join other golfing greats such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo in course designs.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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