Glossary: US military jargon

The leaked documents make extensive use of US military acronyms and jargon, which we've explained in this guide.

    The leaked documents make extensive use of acronyms and other military jargon – a report about al-Qaeda in Iraq operating fake checkpoints near Basra, for example, might be titled "AQIZ FALSE CPS IVO BASRA." We've provided a glossary of terms below, with descriptions for some of the more obscure ones.

    ACF Anti-coalition forces
    ACR Armored cavalry regiment
    AGL Above ground level
    AIF Anti-Iraqi forces
    AMZ Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
    AO Area of operations
    AP Anti-personnel
    AQI Al-Qaeda in Iraq
    ASR Alternate supply route
    AWT Air weapons team
    BCT Brigade combat team
    BDA Battle damage assessment
    BITT Border Iraqi training team
    Blue-blue "Friendly fire" between coalition forces
    CAS Close air support
    CAV Cavalry
    CCIR Commander's critical information requirements
    CF Coalition forces
    CIV Civilian
    CO Company
    Cordon and knock Cordoning off an area and searching it for insurgents or weapons
    CP Checkpoint
    CWIA Civilian wounded in action
    DET Detonation, or detained
    DMG Damage
    DOW Died of wounds
    EFP Explosively formed penetrator
    EOD Explosive ordnance disposal
    FMC Fully mission capable
    FOB Forward operating base
    FRAGO Fragmentary order
    FWCAS Fixed-wing close air support
    GOI Government of Iraq
    Green-green "Friendly fire" between Iraqi forces
    GSW Gunshot wound
    HE High explosives
    HHQ Higher headquarters
    HMMWV High mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (Humvee)
    IA Iraqi army
    IBP Iraqi border patrol
    ICW In coordination with
    ID Infantry division
    IDF Indirect fire
    IED Improvised explosive device
    IIP Iraqi Islamic Party
    IN Infantry
    ING Iraqi national guard
    INJ Injuries
    IO Information operations
    IOT In order to
    IP Iraqi police
    ISI Islamic State of Iraq
    ISO In support of
    ISP Iraqi special police
    ISR Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
    IVO In the vicinity of
    IZ Iraq/Iraqi
    JAI Jaish al-Islami
    JAM Jaish al-Mahdi
    JSS Joint security station
    JTJ Jama'at al-Tawhid w'al-Jihad
    KIA Killed in action
    KLE Key leader engagement
    LN Local national
    LOAC Laws of armed combat
    MAG Magazine
    MAM Military-aged male
    MAS Muqtada al-Sadr
    MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit
    MITT Military intelligence training team
    MOI Ministry of Interior
    MP Military police
    MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle
    MNFI Multi-National Forces (Iraq)
    NEU Neutral
    NFI No further information
    NFTR Nothing further to report
    NSTR Nothing significant to report
    OBJ Objective
    PAX Persons
    PB Patrol base
    PBIED Person-borne improvised explosive device
    PID Positive identification
    POC Point of contact
    POETT Port of entry training team
    POO Point of origin
    PPE Personal protective equipment
    PTL Patrol
    QJBR Tanzim al-Qaid'at al-Jihad fi al-Balad al-Rafidayn
    QRF Quick reaction force
    RPG Rocket-propelled grenade
    RDX Research Department Explosive
    RPT Report
    RTB Return to base
    RTE Route
    RWCAS Rotary-wing close air support
    S2 Brigade-level intelligence
    SAF/SAFIRE Small arms fire
    SIGACT Significant action
    SITREP Situation report
    SOI Sons of Iraq
    SVIED Suicide vest improvised explosive device
    TF Task force
    TTP Tactics, techniques and procedures
    VBIED Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
    UI Unidentified
    UNK Unknown
    USACE US Army Corps of Engineers
    UXO Unexploded ordnance
    VEH Vehicle
    VIC Vicinity
    WIA Wounded in action

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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