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Social media is already abuzz with audience comment on our news, programmes and web content.


The re VIEW is the place to turn those comments into a conversation. If you would like to call us to account, or simply understand how we do what we do on TV and web, and why, then you’ve come to the right place. Just record a video or post a text comment on our ‘HOME’ tab or tweet us.


On our site you will find:


NEWS HIGHLIGHTS: Daily video clips highlighting our most viewed news coverage.


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BEHIND THE SCREENS: The inside story on how we get our stories and the ways we tell them. Here you can ask questions to our news reporters and filmmakers.


So join in the discussion – tell us what you think, ask us your questions, be a part of AJE's global online community. Get recording, check out our ‘CONNECT WITH re VIEW ’ section and we look forward to hearing from you.