Filmmaker: Nicky Lancester

When Tender Mavundla took part in South Africa's pop contest 'Idols', she was not shy about coming out publicly as being HIV positive. And although she did not make it all the way to the winning stage, she made an impact on the world with both her voice and her courage.

We follow her from the days of the 'Idols' competition as she goes back to her family's rural home, where AIDS is blighting her community.

She struggles with questions like whether to have a baby or not, and contemplates adoption. All the time she continues to pursue her singing dreams and shows her extraordinary spirit in the face of adversity. What is it like to live with HIV?

"I want my story to reflect on the youngsters, on how it is to be HIV positive and the abnormal things we go through just because of that status. Even though you can lead a normal life just like everybody else, but there is still a lot that we go through that is really abnormal. Some illnesses can't be really treated as much. But the whole idea is not to depress people, I just want to portray the fact that you can move on after things like that."

This film follows the fortunes of a vibrant young woman who is trying to make it as a pop star while also making a difference to the world.


Tender Moments South Africa can be seen from Tuesday, January 3, at the following times GMT: Tuesday: 2230; Wednesday: 0930; Thursday: 0330; Friday: 1630; Saturday: 2230; Sunday: 0930; Monday: 0330.

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Source: Al Jazeera